When you purchase a New Kia vehicle at Kia AutoSport of Pensacola, you will enjoy the benefits of Tires for Life! This value is yours for as long as you own your vehicle and continue to have your factory recommended maintenance done by us.

All you have to do is have Kia AutoSport of Pensacola perform 100% of your factory recommended maintenance - as scheduled by Kia - to receive this benefit. This is scheduled at every 5,000 miles or six months, whichever occurs first - in other words, at least twice a year, regardless of how many miles you put on your vehicle.

Tires for Life will provide replacement tires at no charge when yours wear down below 2/32nd of an inch. We will charge our normal labor rate to install them. Tires will be replaced with like tires by Kia AutoSport of Pensacola.

Please remember that Tires for Life does not cover damage (like nails, screws, curbs, etc…), only normal wear. Also, please, please, please maintain proper air pressure in your tires. Under inflated tires cause massive side wear; this is not considered normal wear and isn't covered under Tires for Life.

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