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At our Kia dealership, we not only sell cars, but we purchase them as well. We understand that many Pensacola, FL drivers do not want to endure the inconvenience of selling your vehicle independently. So, we developed a helpful appraisal team to help you upgrade your current driving situation. This well-trained crew make you a fair offer for your vehicle and take it off your hands all in one day. If you have questions about our process or the condition of your car, call our dealership or make an appointment right away.

We Provide a Cost-free Appraisal

Some places charge a fee or subscription charge to get what they call an accurate or truthful appraisal on your vehicle. But, we do this for no cost to you. It's a service we provide to the drivers in Milton, FL to help you have the best possible car shopping experience.

No Obligations

When you bring your vehicle to our Kia location in the Gulf Breeze area, you are not obligated to sell your vehicle to us. We will gladly review your car and provide you with an offer to purchase it. From there, you can consider your options without pressure or stress from our team.

If I am Interested, What Steps Should I Take?

Bring your vehicle to our Kia dealership today. We will review it and supply you with a no-haggle price for what we can pay.

We prefer that you make an appointment so that we can get set up before you arrive. However, it is not required. Even if you stop by unannounced, we are still able to begin our appraisal of your vehicle.

Our Experts Will Evaluate Your Vehicle

You may think that the appraisal will take days to complete, but we can get it done while you are at our location near Bellview, FL. While the car gets assessed, you can speak with the appraiser to offer any information you think they should know. You can also browse our lot to see our current Kia vehicles or have a seat in our comfortable waiting area.

Bring The Necessary Items With Your Vehicle

Once you decide to bring your vehicle to our location, the following are items you should bring with you.

The title to your car, any pay-off information, or documentation to show where you are in your current payments.

Be able to provide a valid driver's license, vehicle identification number, and registration paperwork.

Supply the manuals, keys, and remotes that came with the vehicle.

How Will Kia Pay Me for My Used Car?

If you attempt to sell your vehicle by yourself, you may be concerned about the validity of a check you would receive. Plus, you could deal with a person that wants to bring the car back or complain about any issues the vehicle has. The reason our dealership is a better choice is that you get the peace of mind from a complete sale. We can issue a reliable, certified bank check. You can walk away with no other commitments to us.

Can the Vehicle's Value Get Applied Towards the Purchase of a New or Used Auto?

We would love the chance to demonstrate how your older car may get used towards a newer one. All you would need to do is discuss your requirements with our sales department. From there, they can explore the available and affordable options. These choices will be tailored to your lifestyle, wants, and needs.

Learn More About Your Options at Kia AutoSport

At our Kia dealership in Pensacola, FL, we can value your car, truck, or SUV in a reasonable amount of time so you aren't waiting for too long. Contact our Kia location today.

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