Many Pensacola, FL drivers understand that the benefits of buying modern used cars can outweigh the risks. After all, aside from purchasing a home, a vehicle most likely serves as the most expensive thing you will buy. While most people would not think twice about buying a house that someone else has lived in, others would never consider purchasing a car with a previous owner. Nevertheless, the Kia AutoSport team would like to share several reasons why Gulf Breeze drivers might want to consider buying a pre-owned vehicle.

Lower Price and Less Depreciation

New cars lose a lot of value immediately after driving them off the lot. You do not need to worry about this form of depreciation with a used vehicle. Sure, you might not have that new car smell to enjoy, but you can get that in a can. Think about it. You could spend $50,000 on a new Porsche, but in a few years, you could get the same vehicle for half that price. Enjoy lower asking prices and depreciation when you drive a used car around Milton, FL.

Sales Tax and Registration Fees

Truthfully, new car buyers pay thousands of extra dollars on sales tax. Savings really mount up when purchasing used. Some states do not allow sales tax on vehicles bought from a private seller. Additionally, the annual registration fee in most states comes based on the value of the vehicle's model year and its current value. If you purchase an older car for your Bellview, FL expeditions, you could end up saving over a thousand dollars when compared to a new car.

Go the Distance in Modern Used Cars

Nowadays, vehicles come built with longevity in mind. You can expect to get 100,000 miles or more on modern vehicles, so you will never need to sacrifice condition when buying a used car. At Kia AutoSport, we can help you learn more about buying a used car for your Seminole, AL commutes the next time you contact us.

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